Our laboratory

is one of the flagship components of the entire production process. Our R&D team is constantly working to ensure tested and certified products, to develop customized and innovative solutions, to study the issues of safety and sustainability, and to proactively control print performance through digital sampling services.

In our laboratory, we regularly conduct the following tests:

  • COLOR: Measurement of paint color using a spectrophotometer.
  • GLOSSINESS: Measurement of paint glossiness using a glossmeter.
  • ADHESION: Measurement of paint adhesion on the substrate.
  • ACCELERATED TEST: Aging and exposure to artificial radiation using Q-Sun and Solarbox.
  • FOLDING: Test of folding the painted surface.
  • VISUAL COMPARISON: Visual comparison of paints and decorations applied through a standardized light booth.
  • NATURAL EXPOSURE: Natural exposure of finishes in our facility and at a certified facility in Florida (USA).

In addition to internal analyses, we also collaborate with SSOG (Experimental Station for the Oil and Fat Industry of Milan), the University of Turin, and industry associations such as Aital and Catas.