Sublimation process

How does the sublimation process work?

To achieve a design on our surface, whether it’s a wood effect, stone, or anything else, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary study to identify the correct match between powder and decoration.. Each combination will correspond to a specific final effect.

The profile to be decorated, previously pre-treated, is painted with the appropriate powder and then wrapped in the sublimation film. The film must be positioned to adhere perfectly to the surface (using a special vacuum system). Through temperature, the ink present on the film ‘sublimates,’ transitioning from a solid to a gaseous state and thus penetrates into the painted surface.

This way, the chosen finish is achieved.

Sublimation can be carried out on small or large surfaces, from the simplest, such as flat sheets, doors, kitchen doors, to complex models with complicated geometries, such as profiles, shaped doors, or three-dimensional objects.

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