Sublimation films

All the potential of your surfaces.

We have studied various types of products to meet any need in terms of effect and decoration depending on the intended use.


Undisputed quality for 30 years.

The product (on polyester film or paper) that allows decorating metal surfaces while guaranteeing resistance to weathering and wear over time.

This is our flagship product, born in 1994 and rigorously certified for quality.

It is applied through the sublimation process (using flat presses or ovens), during which the inks on the film sublime and transfer onto the metal surface, previously treated and painted.

It can have multiple uses, both for interiors (furniture, kitchen doors, doors) and exteriors (doors, windows, decks…) thanks to the hundreds of available designs.

The ideal tool for architects and decorators.

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Easy Vacuum

The beauty of the essential.

The ideal sublimation film for long-lasting outdoor applications.

Easy Vacuum has been designed and created with an industrial perspective to optimize the production process, simplifying application methods, and further increasing quality and resistance to weathering and sun exposure.

Its essential design elegantly and discreetly adapts to the latest minimal trends in the architectural sector.

Easy application, high resistance, beauty of the essential.

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Touching the beauty.

Can aluminum look like real wood? With Sublitouch, you’ll believe you’re touching the grains of real solid wood.

The application methods of the sublimation film on profiles and sheets are the same as DecoTrans Alu, but the final touch effect is truly unique.

The aluminum becomes almost tactile, for a realistic effect both visually and to the touch.

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