Who we are

World leader in transfer printing

A sales network in 50 countries, over 1,000 customers worldwide, 140 employees: Sublitex is a global leader in the field of sublimation printing on transfer paper and technical films. The company was founded in 1976 by the Miroglio Group and has distinguished itself in the market over the years for its high quality, 100% Made in Italy production, continuous research and technological innovation, and sustainable and responsible development.


Environmental sustainability is indeed one of the central points of Sublitex’s mission, aiming to reduce environmental impact through the control and continuous improvement of processes, in a circular economy perspective, reducing waste and recycling by-products.


Today, Sublitex is organized into 2 divisions: Urban and Architectural; the former specializes in the production of transfer paper for the fashion sector and in the decoration of textile products, while the latter focuses on printing plastic films (sublimation, transfer, and lamination) for the world of architecture.


All our sublimation and lamination products are commonly used to enhance fabric, leather, plastic films, aluminum, and steel (coils).

Custom Design Creation

One of our strengths is our design office where wood effect designs are born.

Our team of professional graphic designers has the best technology to capture textures on different surfaces. We create high-quality digital designs tailored to the customer, offering a personalized service from creation to film printing.

Cylinder Engraving

Cylinder Engraving Providing excellent service to our customers has always been one of Sublitex’s priorities.

Our in-house engraving department ensures the creation of new printing effects in a timely manner and with total mastery of the process. In addition to catalog designs, we can develop and produce dedicated rotary designs and customized finishes.